Utility Live Support

Utility firms employ the Bulls BPO for live 24 hours customer service and the cost savings associated with outsourcing. We can be your backup call center during periods of high volume for service interruptions or as your 24-hour contact center service. Making sure that your customers are connected 24/7 on your own is difficult; we’ve been there. That’s why you’ve us.

Utility Live Support

Superior Business Solutions for any Size Utility Company.

Engaging one of the most reputable Contact center providers offers your customers 24/7 access to the company they require. From answering questions about account information to providing details regarding service interruptions, our knowledgeable personnel has the knowledge you’re seeking, paired with a pleasant demeanor that callers will appreciate. Therefore, you can use the Bulls BPO’s utility call center services to light up your customer service.

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24/7/365 Dispatching

A utility company must be available to customers at all times in case of an emergency. When a kitchen gets flooded or there’s no heating in the middle of a snowstorm, you want to be ready for that unavoidable phone call. Although you may not be able to handle the phones on your own, however, we can.

Planning Appointments

For calls that aren’t urgent, we’ll schedule appointments on your site, with our own software, or through a web-based shared platform such as Google Calendar. Just tell us about your limitations for appointments, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even send appointment confirmation emails to your clients!

Mobile App

In the industry of utilities, there’s a tendency never to be working for very long. If you’re out on the road making home calls or knee-deep in someone’s drain, making yourself accessible isn’t easy – until this moment. Bulls BPO will keep you connected with your clients by providing a mobile app available for iPhone and Android users. Log in anytime to see your messages, answer calls, or even update your on-call information.

Customizable FAQs

Most of the time, you’ll get telephone calls from people wanting to know which areas you serve as well as your pricing, whether you are working on commercial or residential properties, and so on. Our software for calling centers allows you to customize your FAQs to ensure that our agents can take inquiries and respond accordingly. The more questions we’re capable of answering, the fewer calls you’ll have to answer yourself.

Professional Representation

In the case of restoration, construction, HVAC, and other utility businesses, professionalism is essential. Homeowners must be confident that the premises will be well taken care of. Our employees are professionally trained, and they will maintain your standards with the highest regard.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you're a commercial company or a small start-up business, we have the perfect price plan to suit your needs and requirements. With per-minute and per-call pricing levels and fifteen plans to pick from, you'll be able to get rid of the annoying charges and welcome an increase in cash flow.

The Problem

As a small-business proprietor, a few tasks are here and there, but the pace is slow. You begin to promote your company on the internet to make more calls. Still, you realize that you're not getting the same amount of work accomplished because you're always calling. Customers aren't happy with the results and they’d never refer you to acquaintances, and you're juggling the additional work.
You're losing customers!

The Solution

You contract Bulls BPO Answering Service to handle all your calls while concentrating on your ongoing tasks. Our agents can help with inquiries, schedule appointments, and provide exceptional support for your prospective customers. You can also offer premium customer support to existing customers. Your customers are much satisfied with your support services.
Your business is expanding!

Utility Industries We Serve

  • HVAC
  • Plumbers
  • Property Managers
  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Public Sanitation

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Energy and utility companies all have long wait for durations. Do not follow the crowd. Let Bulls BPO assist in breaking up the line.


Our 24/7 call center can take on any job, from small-scale residential contractors to huge-scale contracting businesses. We also provide:

Utility Industry Call Center Support


Outbound Calling

Outbound Calling

When individuals think about a utility call center, they think of the agents who answer calls from outside. Although this is the case, when you employ the Bulls BPO, we use an outbound call center that can make outbound calls to recommend regular tune-ups for your customers or keep them informed with new marketing initiatives!

300+ Agents

300+ Agents

At Bulls BPO, our call center has more than 300 employees and can handle a large volume of calls on any given day. So, from promotions to the everyday flows of your company, your customers won't have to wait for long to talk to live representatives regardless of the time they make a call. We are available round-the-clock for your clients.

Customizable Scripting

Customizable Scripting

Yes, we're able to take your calls, leave urgent messages, and set up appointments. Still, we're able to assist in identifying and resolving issues using customized scripting. For instance, if someone calls to report that their heater or AC has stopped working, it's not always all that's needed. We can assist with basic troubleshooting.

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