Live Call & Chat Support for Telecommunication Ventures

Call volumes are high, insufficient call center staff and lengthy wait times are commonplace within the telecoms industry. Support services for customers in the telecom industry are not available. When consumers call telephone companies and satellite TV providers, cable companies providers, and Internet providers, waiting appears to be the standard. Bulls BPO can make a difference.

Live Call & Chat Support for Telecommunication Ventures

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Our staff can handle everything, from taking calls, responding to emails and even live chat support. In addition, we have the expertise to manage new customer requests, billing inquiries or complaints, coverage inquiries, technical dispatch, and much more. So if you’re looking for the highest level of service for your customers, You’ve found it.

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Tier- One Help Desk

The most common reason customers contact their cable company or their phone provider and internet company is that they're experiencing technical problems. While the most important issues should be left to your techs, our technical support outsourcing experts can provide simple questions that can be scripted to assist with simple troubleshooting.

Round the Clock Services

With countless options, clients don’t have to think long to find reasons to change their provider. Telecom companies need 24/7 assistance to decrease their customer churn and to keep customers satisfied. There are no charges for handling your calls even after hours, on weekends, or the holidays! Let us help you economize and ensure customer satisfaction.

Scheduling Appointments

Whether new customers wish to sign up for services or existing customers, require technicians to be sent out to them, our technology for call centers lets our representatives make appointments for you. For example, suppose you're using an online dispatch system that we have access to and help set up appointments.

Sales Support

New customers are available, and the Bulls BPO can assist you in finding them. Our agents can provide either outbound or inbound calling for you. In addition, with our Agent program, we can cross-sell and up-sells for new customers who sign up for services, such as bundle packages or additional benefits to the base package.

Billing Support

What number of times you've reached your provider of cable because your bill wasn't looking right? Our representatives can address introductory billing issues, full tickets for support, and forward emergencies to the correct department. Our agents can activate/deactivate subscriptions for new customers.

Total Customer Service

Being there for your clients all time of the day is fantastic; however, it is even better to do more than simply calling them. We can apply strategies to win back customers and manage relationships with customers through research and surveys and provide Spanish-speaking services to customers who require them.

Cost-effective Inbound Call Center Solutions for Telecom Companies

Offer Your Customers The Gift of Live Communications!

The Problem

The Problem

A brand new facility has been constructed, which means that your company is among the few companies in a position to offer services in that region. But, you are facing rivals. So, you decide to cut your costs to new homeowners to make them use your services. However, you cannot keep up with all the calls coming in. So, in the end, your competition is receiving all your excess.
You're losing business!

The Solution

The Solution

To not give your competitors the advantage, outsource your call-center communications to the Bulls BPO. Our agents can provide basic pricing and service queries, share quotes and make appointments for service visits for new customers. As a result, your customers can be on or off the phone fast without waiting for a hold or leave messages and are pleased that they picked you!
The venture is flourishing!

Telecom Industries We Serve

  • Cable providers
  • Internet providers
  • Radio broadcasters
  • Computer software
  • Cell phone companies
  • Telephone businesses
  • Broadband companies
  • Satellite TV providers
  • Network service companies

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Ensuring your clients are satisfied is a great way to increase the popularity of your business.

Telecommunications companies that want to cut down on hold times create new agent groups with no in-house staff or decrease costs to remain competitive; Bulls BPO is the answer.


Bulls BPO isn’t like other call service providers. We’re your outsource partner who will help keep your current customers satisfied while also helping you gain new customers. With decades of experience in the industry, we’d never leave you in the dust should if you not consider us.

Telecom Industry Call Center Support


Customer Retention

Customer Retention

The prosperity of any venture relies on lead retention. That's why you should rely on the Bulls BPO. Giving your customers a live chat to talk to regardless of when they call can help improve satisfaction with your customers, resulting in increased retention of customers and brand loyalty.

Multi-channel Support

Multi-channel Support

If your clients require assistance via email, phone, and live chats, Bulls BPO’s knowledgeable staff can help in various ways. Multi-channel support gives your customers a feeling of calm and gives your company an upper edge over your competitors. We provide all-time support services.

Account Management

Account Management

From helping callers to handle past due payments to helping customers, make appointments. Our virtual receptionists will offer your clients outstanding customer service, all day, every day. We never miss an opportunity to bring sale and generate leads.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Running an in-house call center can be costly. Outsourcing on a larger scale, will prepare you to make significant savings in costs and to transfer those savings onto your clients to remain in the game. We provide telecom industry solutions at lower costs.

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