Retail Call Center Solutions

No matter if you own an old-fashioned bricks and mortar shop or an online retailer or any combination of the two, outstanding customer service has all the time been, and will be the key for your business’s success. If you are looking to trusting customers and grow your business the way you approach customer service should be quick thorough, efficient, and friendly. Giving customers live customer service helps your brand distinct from others and can increase the amount of money you earn.

Retail Call Center Solutions

Enhance CX and Help Spread Love

In this day and digital age the customers verily influence your venture. The outsourcing of your retail calls to our call center increases the likelihood that, when they call you, they’ll leave only positive things to write about. By using custom scripts agents, our employees will exhibit exactly the same manner like you would if they were responding to customer questions directly. We’ll keep track of emails, phone calls and chat on the web. We’ll address questions about products and billing questions, process orders, handle returns, and much more. We’re quick, efficient and welcoming.

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Order Processing

As with all businesses, retail stores depend on their customers buying their products and lots of it. If you own bricks and mortar stores or run your business exclusively online, our staff are able to assist customers with their questions making orders and processing payments, even if your site is down! We can assist you with everything from placing orders into your online store, to the recording of customer orders on our system to take care of and complete at a later date.

24/7 Customer Service

Retailers require round-the-clock support, particularly when your client base is international. If your support center is only open between 9 am and 5 pm and you have customers throughout the globe or across the country, your business is severely limiting your communications channels. We are among the few 24-hour outsourcing customer service that are available 24/7/365 to meet all of your customer service requirements. For online-only stores, we offer 24/7 services.

Up-selling & Cross-selling

Cross-selling and upselling are crucial in boosting sales. It permits a company to increase sales by offering related products. If cross-selling and up-selling options are integrated in your e-commerce platform the operators of our system can guide customers through to the check-out process, and suggest additional products to those who call. When we’re handling retail purchases from our end, we can create cross-sells and up-sells as we’re conducting your marketing campaign.

Outbound Surveys

Are you curious about your customer’s preferences? After each transaction, our professional call center agents send an survey from the call center to the person who called to ask them a few questions regarding their impressions of your company. Surveys are fully customizable including your company’s logo. Customers can also be contacted to see whether they were pleased with the satisfaction or have a bad experience. Simply upload a list or script, and then we’re on our way!

Returns Processing

If you're selling something, be prepared for returns. If there's a problem regarding a product our call center agents will document all needed information and relay the message, or forward the customer to the appropriate department to complete the refund. We'll be able to access your current software, file RMAs, make shipping labels, and so on. Whatever you are able to accomplish at your location is what we can handle at our call centers.

Professional Brand Representation

If you're a small store selling just a few items, or a retailer with a massive catalog, we can develop a strategy to portray your company. If every encounter with your company doesn't make customers smile, they're less likely to buy from your company. Our skilled call center staff of 300+ are professionally trained and adhere to the company's standards like they were your employees. We present your brand professionally to your customers.

Who We Serve

  • eCommerce companies
  • Catalog retailers
  • Brick & mortar shops
  • Vending machine companies
  • Grocery stores
  • Jewelers
  • Direct media companies

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In the retail sector excellent customer service builds brand loyalty.

With so many storefronts online for online shopping excellent customer service is the only way to keep customers returning to your store. Let Bulls BPO help you create loyal customers.


The retail industry is very competitive. What you sell, customers will not have a problem finding similar items elsewhere. The thing that keeps your customers satisfied and loyal is the support you provide throughout the purchase, and afterward. Bulls BPO offers the top retail call center service in the market and we’re proud of representing our brand in every way:

Retail Industry Call Center Support


PCI Compliant

PCI Compliant

If you outsource your order processing to Bulls BPO, you do not have to worry about ensuring that your customers' information is secure. Our software for call centers is 100% PCI compatible as well as ISO27001 certified. Our agents work in paper-free environments. All data is stored securely in your portal online.



The cost of running a business can be expensive outsourcing solutions aren't ever feasible, but they are the present. Bulls BPO offers the highest efficient call center in the market that offers per minute and per-call prices. With a variety of 15 plans available and each one broken down into cost-effective levels.

Outbound Calling

Outbound Calling

In addition, to answer all your calls from inbound, you can also take advantage from the leads generation phone center service. We can reach out to those hot leads, or doing studies on the market, our call center operators are able to handle it all.

If you're down, We're Not

If you're down, We're Not

Websites go down. If your computer crashes or your online store's database is changing there's no reason to lose sales. In the situation of an emergency we'll be able to record your orders and payment details in our system to allow you to process them later.

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