Non-Profit Live Support Solutions

If you contract your charitable giving campaigns to Bulls BPO’s nonprofit call center, the sponsors will have 24/7 access to donate. If you’re operating during normal working hours or 24 hours every day, our courteous trained agents will be available to answer your calls, address your questions, and take care of donations. The people of the world require you. You need us.

Non-Profit Live Support

Donors Put Their Money into What They Trust.

Non-profits are compassionate and dedicated. They can make the world better. It would be simple to assist people on a massive scale if money was growing from trees. However, it’s not. Charities rely on donations to accumulate the funds to support their causes and the groups and individuals who require their help. Fundraising involves phone calls, many of them.

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24/7 Accessibility

Because marketing your telethon and soliciting donation requests is an all-day job, it makes sense to be accessible to your donors at all times. If you’re only taking calls between 9-5, you’ll reduce the amount of donations you receive, which could harm your non-profit instead of benefitting. The Inbound Call Handling Services are available round the clock to answer calls, no matter what time of the day it is.

Increased Funding & Donor Retention

Non-profit entities depend on fundraising to reach their financial objectives. Because our 300+ operators are always available so that your customers don’t be waiting for long for someone to call them and will have a quick and enjoyable interaction. Since your participants won’t be experiencing any anxiety when they participate in your Telethon, they’ll probably contribute more and return to participate next time.

Professional Brand Representation

To increase your donations and retain donors, You need to have an image that is professional. In the absence of trust, people won’t believe in your name and won’t be able to give. It is essential to build trust. Our employees are professionally trained. They will maintain the standards of your company with the utmost respect.

Outbound Calling to Increase Productivity

Inbound donations are crucial and outbound solicitations to donors are the frosting on the outsourcing of call centers cake. In the event that you’re able to list donors who have contributed to your cause previously using one of our cold calling centers to call the donors on your behalf and ensure that pledges are fulfilled.

Reduce Your Costs

We recognize that funds are not always available in non-profit organizations. With our flexible pricing model, you can make use of our call centers for non-profit organizations as a cost-effective way to get the most value for your money, without hiring additional employees. If you are facing internal HR problems like employees who aren't working, we'll assist in bridging the gap using affordable solutions.

Affordable Solutions

We know that money is not always available in non-profit organizations. Thanks to our flexible pricing system, you can utilize our call centers for non-profit organizations as a cost-effective way to get the best value for your buck without the need to hire additional employees. If you are facing internal HR problems like employees who don't volunteer, we'll help bridge the gap using affordable solutions.

No Terms and Conditions

If you sign up with Bulls BPO, it doesn't require you be a part of any longer-term agreements. Therefore, you are able to use our services temporarily to fulfill the duration of your campaign to pledge (seasonal inbound agents in busy times of the year) or change to a cheaper plan after the event in order to have your forwarding numbers in operation, or cancel the account completely. When the next telethon rolls around, we'll be able to restore your account and running fast!

Active Call Center Solutions

Let Bulls BPO Spread Love.

The Problem

You manage a small non-profit organization that is collecting donations to stray animal rescues. You’re launching your first pledge drive, but you don’t have enough volunteers to respond to calls throughout the day and night. Because of your staff’s shortage you’re missing out on many donations because your customers are bored of waiting for a response.

Donations aren’t going to you!

The Solution

Outsourcing your telethon to Bulls BPO lets your donors switch off and on the phone in a matter of minutes. We can handle thousands of calls per day We can increase the amount you normally receive by answering calls by yourself.

Donations have doubled!

Non-Profit Industries We Serve

  • Animal Rescues
  • Veteran’s Pledge Drives
  • Public Broadcasting (PBS) Type Pledge Events
  • Goodwill
  • Churches
  • Charity Organizations
  • Associations
  • International Development Programs
  • Housing America
  • Youth Programs
  • Environmental Agencies

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Transparency, trust and low-cost outsourcing are essential to a profitable non-profit.

By choosing Bulls BPO to be your nonprofit call center, you’ll get affordable live agent services to assist with your fundraising drives, pledge drives initiatives, or even virtual secretarial services.


Utilizing our various features, Your charity will expand, flourish and provide many opportunities. What are you putting off?

Non-Profit Industry Call Center Support


High Call Volumes Handling

High Call Volumes Handling

Our call center employs more than 300 trained professionals capable of handling thousands of transactions per day. Your customers will be able to move to and fro from the phone quickly, without having to wait on lengthy hold times.

Saved Protocols

Saved Protocols

If your organization hosts an annual telethon, you are able to change the status of your service with Bulls BPO at any point without worrying about losing your account information or being bound by long-termed agreements.

Webform Integrations

Webform Integrations

If you use Bulls BPO’s non-profit call center service to assist with fundraising, we will be able to go through your website to take donations swiftly and efficiently with our PCI certified, ISO 27001 certified call center software.

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