Live Chat Outsourcing

Live chat customer support is the quickest, most efficient method to respond to customers’ queries and keep them on your website. If you aren’t on your chat application at all times, then we can. If you’re looking to allow live chat as a channel for customer service, we can assist. Outsourcing your customer support via chat to Bulls BPO helps reduce abandonment of your shopping cart, is more profitable, boosts sales, and results in higher scores of satisfaction of customers. What’s not to like?

Live Chat Outsourcing

Include Customer Service Channel!

Although live telephone support is the most crucial element of any effective customer service plan, live chat is essential to complete a customer service and sales plan. Live chat on the web gives your visitors on the internet the ability to provide instant customer support while visiting your website or using your online software. Excellent customer service is about being available via the channels that customers use to communicate, including offering chat on the web.

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Software Diversity!

The process of outsourcing live chat services to Bulls BPO isn’t any more difficult. Provide one of our dedicated agents with access to the live chat program you’re currently using, such as LivePerson, Zendesk, and Olark, to mention several. We’re happy to work with your program and train our agents to use your procedures. If you’re employing an AI Chabot at some point, an actual person will have to join the conversation. Utilizing webhooks, we’ll work together with you to code your Chabot to connect to an inbound call center agent as needed.

Boost Live Chat

If your support team is overwhelmed with calls that drain your resources by the hour, adding live chat to your support options can be an enormous benefit. Live chat can reduce the number of calls coming in since your customers have another option to contact you. Still, it will also make it much easier for customers to contact you for assistance because they’re already on your site. This is a win-win! Get the Bulls BPO live chat support services to make your brand stand out in the market. We have the best chat support agents globally!

Chat Outsourcing 24/7!

Logging into your live chat program and waiting for people to message you is easy. It is simple when you’re working during office hours. The ploy is to find someone who can manage chats during the evening and on weekends when several chats are going on at one time or when you’re not there. With our live chat outsourcing, our agents will be available whenever you require them. Our 24/7 call center means that our live chat agents are available all day to help your website visitors. We stay busy closing deals & assisting clients. We’re the best!

Improve Customer Service and Grow Sales.

Who would like to sit in a queue? Research shows that internet users prefer to chat for answers than make a call. This is where operators step in to chat live.

  • Develop better customer relationships.
  • Provide your customers with an alternate support channel.
  • Improve customer service speed.
  • Make your brand more attractive.

The Warm Patch: A Business Owner's Greatest Friend

Our inbound call center agents will screen your calls in two ways: using script control and warm patching. All you need to tell us is the information you wish to collect from the caller prior to attempting to connect the call. For instance, you might need the caller's first last and first name. Or you might only want their first name as well as the company the caller is calling from. If you're not available, you can inform callers that you're not available and send them the opportunity to leave a message. Then, if you'd want to answer them, we can connect them through. It's entirely your choice!

Script Controls: Decide What Calls You'd Like to Transfer

If numerous warm transfers are pestering you, you can create features in your script that inform us of what calls you'd prefer to have to be able to take a message for and which ones you'd like transferred. For example, imagine the following as an "Always connect, Sometimes transfer, Never'’ list. For calls on the list of 'Always,' we will cold transfer them to you. If you receive calls from the 'Sometimes' list, we'll warmly transfer the calls to you so that you can choose whether you want the call or not. If you receive calls from the list of 'Never,' we'll take a text message.

Time for the Day: Choose the Time You Need Calls to be Transferred

Alongside telling us what kinds of calls you'd prefer to be transferred, you can also specify the times you'd like them to be transferred. For example, are you available for transfers at any time, or only during working hours? Would you prefer receiving them over weekends or only on weekdays? Maybe you'd like messages for emergencies that are received during the day. And similar calls can be transferred to you during weekends and after hours. However you work, we work.


Live Chat Outsourcing at Bulls BPO

Utilizing our live chat outsourced operators is a great option to connect those customers who prefer to contact us to inquire about sales or customer service instead of customers who prefer to write an email or send an online support request. From improved lead conversion to more satisfied customers, there’s no reason anyone in any company would not want live chat support 24/7/365.


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