Emergency Call Center

Business continuity is crucial in an emergency. No matter your field, and whatever the issue, your customers and employees require a 24-hour constant connection with your company. From emergency dispatching services to emergency response hotlines Bulls BPO has the expertise to keep you in touch 24/7. Whatever you encounter in the world around us, we’ll be there to take your messages.

Emergency Call Center

Always Available to Ensure Mother Nature isn't in Control of Your Business Hours!

Do you have a strategy to take care of power outages? Evacuations due to hurricanes? What happens for long-term interruptions like those that occur in the days and weeks after storms? So as your calls are diverted to our emergency call centre, we will ensure that you’re always operational even when other local companies are shut down.

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How Does Bulls BPO Call Centre Service Work?

The call centre at Bulls BPO is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Inbound agents at the call centre are on-hand anytime you require their assistance. In most cases, when clients use the Bulls BPO to serve as an emergency contact centre service, we answer calls in the case of urgencies. Scripts are developed during onboarding and refined by emergency preparedness drills that you can conduct on your own.

Forward Your Calls to the Bulls BPO!

If you’re unable to take your calls, you can simply forward all calls to our helpline. When a storm is predicted to hit, transfer your call to Bulls BPO at night before the storm. If disasters strike without warnings, such as an earthquake or flood, send all calls you receive to Bulls BPO when you know that your office will not be open. If you receive calls that are forwarded to us in a situation, we’re aware of what we need to answer the clients.

Posting the Bulls BPO Number as an Emergency Contact

Suppose you’re not sure if it will be possible to transfer phone calls to our office in an emergency. In that case, you can post the Bulls BPO forwarding phone number as a potential contact number in your voicemail, on your website or on social media pages to dial in case of emergencies. Our customer representatives will deal your inbound and oubound calls in emergencies.

How is the Bulls BPO Helpful During an Emergency?

Our aim for your company in times of emergency is that the lines of communication remain open. If your company is localized, you’ll be able to assist your customers in the local area if they require your help. If your company is nationally based, the out of region clients won’t experience any interruption or distortion in service due to your local circumstances.

How Quickly Can Emergency Call Center Services be Activated?

If a natural catastrophe is imminent and you do not have a continuity plan, registering the Bulls BPO account is simple. Our employees will set up your account and run it in order within an hour. For scripts that are simple types, we’ll get you set up in around 15 minutes. If you require assistance fast, we’ll be there for you to answer your client’s queries. Our plans are based on your calls.

How Much Does Call Centre Service Cost?

Our inbound call centre pricing is based on the minute, the emergency services aren’t different. If you use Bulls BPO as a “we hope we never need to use it” option, there is an Economic Plan with a low base monthly cost to ensure that the line is kept and the number in use. If you use Bulls BPO as their inbound call centre, adding an emergency route to the script you already have isn’t additional charges.

The Warm Patch: A Business Owner's Greatest Friend

Our inbound call center agents will screen your calls in two ways: using script control and warm patching. All you need to tell us is the information you wish to collect from the caller prior to attempting to connect the call. For instance, you might need the caller's first last and first name. Or you might only want their first name as well as the company the caller is calling from. If you're not available, you can inform callers that you're not available and send them the opportunity to leave a message. Then, if you'd want to answer them, we can connect them through. It's entirely your choice!

Script Controls: Decide What Calls You'd Like to Transfer

If numerous warm transfers are pestering you, you can create features in your script that inform us of what calls you'd prefer to have to be able to take a message for and which ones you'd like transferred. For example, imagine the following as an "Always connect, Sometimes transfer, Never'’ list. For calls on the list of 'Always,' we will cold transfer them to you. If you receive calls from the 'Sometimes' list, we'll warmly transfer the calls to you so that you can choose whether you want the call or not. If you receive calls from the list of 'Never,' we'll take a text message.

Time for the Day: Choose the Time You Need Calls to be Transferred

Alongside telling us what kinds of calls you'd prefer to be transferred, you can also specify the times you'd like them to be transferred. For example, are you available for transfers at any time, or only during working hours? Would you prefer receiving them over weekends or only on weekdays? Maybe you'd like messages for emergencies that are received during the day. And similar calls can be transferred to you during weekends and after hours. However you work, we work.


Bulls BPO

A well-designed contact center can improve your brand’s image through recruitment, training, and an atmosphere designed to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. We’re much more than just an outsourcing company; we’re your trusted partner. Our mission remains the same: provide the highest level of customer service with the highest satisfaction levels at an affordable cost.

On-demand Software:

In an emergency, you’ll have many things to consider and ensure that you have the right personnel on call. With an easy-to-use interface and online-based on-demand software, making changes to your agenda has never been simpler. You can add staff members, create your call-out protocol and groups for quick input, and customize schedule by adding colors. If you’re faced with an emergency, you’re prepared in your dispatching services efficiently organized in minutes.

Multiple Contact Methods

In the emergency, the messages will be sent in the direction that is most convenient for you. When individuals think about “reaching an on-call”, they envision a phone call. However, while that is true, the Bulls BPO understands that not all people are accessible by phone at all times. That’s why our procedure for on-call can be made customizable. Apart from live calls, our call centre agents can communicate via text messages, emails, and even transfer calls.

Scheduling Lives Calls in Advance:

Although your on-call policy is easily modified in real-time during the case of a catastrophe, there may be key employees who are designated as emergency personnel. These schedules can be created ahead of time so that you do not have to think about scheduling when it’s crucial. Our system lets you plan for up to a whole year early! Just send your calendar to our team of support or visit our portal online to upload the schedule yourself. The updates are done in real-time, so our staff will have access to the most up-to-date protocols.

We're Ready to Acknowledge Your Choirs!

The worst-case scenario is that disasters rarely give warning, and emergencies may occur when you least think about it. If you choose to partner with the Bulls BPO for your disaster response call centre services, we can quickly increase the capacity to decrease hold times in sudden spikes in calls. If a swiftly moving storm is devastating a region, a poorly-equipped national call centre is bound to suffer the pressure. We will not. We can hold our in-house and at-home call network centre employees to take over the gaps.


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