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Marketing campaigns for direct response can put your company’s name onto the customer’s radar. Marketing campaigns that respond to customers are sustainable to enlarge your customer base and boost your revenue. However, you must be able to handle a large volume of calls throughout the day. Collaboration with the right inbound call center is an affordable option to boost your mailer or infomercial and ensure that each person who calls is answered and that you make an order.

Direct Response Call Center

We Handle Call flow!

Direct-response advertising can be described as the racecar of the marketing business – you can go from 0-50 in a matter of seconds. Once your advertisement is airing, it is imperative to be prepared to begin taking calls. Within the direct response field, calls are a common type. Our Direct Response call center representatives are equipped to deal with spikes that come from targeted media, analyzing the flow of calls and responding to your requirements in real-time. Our agents are on your phones and answering calls 24 hours a day; your requirements are met when your advertisement hits, with the shortest waiting time. Our in-house infrastructure and at-home agents let us manage the most demanding of campaigns.

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Education is Essential!

The outsourcing process to the Bulls BPO means you’ll be part of the onboarding process from beginning to end. If you’re part of our call center program, employ the agents you’d like and train them according to your requirements, whether it’s in person or through web meetings. If you’re a shared customer, our experts will work with you to design the perfect script and work with you until the script is excellent.

24/7 Live!

Bulls BPO can take any calls 24 hours a day, which is vital for any company advertising on radio, television, or sending out mailers printed. If you’re targeting a broad public that is spread across several time zones, you require 24/7 coverage to capture those leads that could be slipping in while you’re asleep. So don’t forget to get some sleep as we work to bring in new business.

What DRTV Bulls BPO Can Offer for You!

You’re looking to get maximum value from the results of your DRTV campaigns. We can help. Our inbound sales agents can improve your conversion rate at retail and increase order value by using up-sell and cross-sell strategies. Are you looking to soft sell? We can help you with that, too. Do you want to know that every call will be unanswered? Also, don’t forget live chat and email support! We’ll even keep track of the KPIs that are relevant to you. That’s a lot of benefits.

Customized Reports are Available Upon Request!

To decide how successful your marketing strategy is, you require a lot of information. For instance, your TV advertisement was cheaper to air at 3 AM, but sales fell. Perhaps you’re hitting gold in a particular geographic area however not so much in the other. Bulls BPO provides on-demand reports which can provide important information. Our online reports give you details like the call result calls, call duration, geographic calling location, traffic, and so on.

We Work with a Direct Market Response Agency!

The immortal words from Ron Popeil, if you aren’t interested in the details of outsourcing and prefer to “Set It and Forget It,” and we’re able to collaborate closely with your direct Response Company. We have the right questions to ask to ensure that our call center is well-staffed, adequately trained, and ready for when traffic is beginning to come in.

The Warm Patch: A Business Owner's Greatest Friend

Our inbound call center agents will screen your calls in two ways: using script control and warm patching. All you need to tell us is the information you wish to collect from the caller prior to attempting to connect the call. For instance, you might need the caller's first last and first name. Or you might only want their first name as well as the company the caller is calling from. If you're not available, you can inform callers that you're not available and send them the opportunity to leave a message. Then, if you'd want to answer them, we can connect them through. It's entirely your choice!

Script Controls: Decide What Calls You'd Like to Transfer

If numerous warm transfers are pestering you, you can create features in your script that inform us of what calls you'd prefer to have to be able to take a message for and which ones you'd like transferred. For example, imagine the following as an "Always connect, Sometimes transfer, Never'’ list. For calls on the list of 'Always,' we will cold transfer them to you. If you receive calls from the 'Sometimes' list, we'll warmly transfer the calls to you so that you can choose whether you want the call or not. If you receive calls from the list of 'Never,' we'll take a text message.

Time for the Day: Choose the Time You Need Calls to be Transferred

Alongside telling us what kinds of calls you'd prefer to be transferred, you can also specify the times you'd like them to be transferred. For example, are you available for transfers at any time, or only during working hours? Would you prefer receiving them over weekends or only on weekdays? Maybe you'd like messages for emergencies that are received during the day. And similar calls can be transferred to you during weekends and after hours. However you work, we work.



Selecting the best call center company is a crucial aspect of ensuring the success of direct response advertising. With the capability to handle massive spikes in calls by redirecting resources or adding work-at-home home agents into the call queue extensive reports to monitor your ROI and your agents’ expertise to assist you, there is no better choice than the Bulls BPO.


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