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Our call center for automotive will assist you with the lead acquisition and scheduling service appointments, and many more. Perhaps you’re a used and new car dealer. You could also be a part distributor. You might also own an auto repair shop or a service center. In any event, it is essential to have a 24/7 customer support service is vital. Transfer your customer support to a third party and work with no interruption.

Support For Automotive

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We can provide callers with prices and details on their vehicle or product availability, manage an auto recall hotline, or regularly schedule maintenance appointments. Our representatives are professional, friendly, and quick.

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24/7 Live Support

Being accessible to your customers around all hours of the day is essential for staying ahead of the competition. We have a call center available 24/7, all year round, to ensure that your customers can get a live call. If someone contacts your dealership outside of business hours to make a reservation for their next service appointment, you’ll be available.

More Sales and Revenue

You’re running a promotional campaign and do not want to miss even a single contact? Marketing can be expensive, so joining your car marketing with our call center service is an easy decision. From collecting leads from inbound to using our outbound telemarketing software to follow-up on sales prospects.

Incredible Customer Service

From answering your questions to booking service appointments to outsourcing the insurance of call centers or moving customers to the correct department and ensuring that your customers remain receiving the same excellent customer service from Bulls BPO’s company, they’re accustomed to receiving from you.

Complete Integration

With more than 30 different apps to connect with, from Salesforce to Zendesk, switching into our contact center should go as easy as changing a tire. The information we collect from your customers will be pushed directly to the CRM you choose, which means you won’t need to do any additional data entry.

Retention and Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the primary goal of every automobile dealership. In the end, the more satisfied your customers generate most revenue. No matter which route your customers take, Bulls BPO will be there to assist their needs.

More Productivity

If you outsource calls to our call center for automotive, you can take time off to get more work accomplished all day long, which means you can get more leads. Don't fret about missing out on possible leads; worry about closing deals.

Cost-effective Support Services for Automotive Industry

If You're Successful, Make Sure that You Have the Most Reliable Call Center to Back You Up.

The Problem!

The Problem!

The lines of SUVs in your parking lot are being recalled due to brake lines. Each appointment slot is reserved for repairs to the vehicle, and your mechanics remain until late trying to fit more customers in. In the sales area, the staff doesn’t have the time to spend with prospective customers since they're too busy responding to inquiries regarding the recall.
You’re losing customers!

The Solution!

The Solution!

With the capacity to manage thousands of phone calls per day, the Bulls BPO business call center can handle the overwhelming volume of requests. Our virtual receptionists handle calls, answering queries, and scheduling appointments for service. Your technical team can concentrate on resolving the issue, while your sales team can secure new sales.
You've got a solution for the main issue!

Automotive Industries We Serve:

● Auto dealerships
● Car rentals
● Auto body shops
● Car leasing companies
● RV rentals
● RV sales and service



From capturing leads to helping you set up appointment times, we’ll take care of everything. Do you want us to deal with inquiries concerning recalls? Do you have a recall issue? Have questions about the warranty? Examine. Promote new sales? Are you making calls outbound? You’ll get everything here.

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Recall Handling

Recall Handling

In the automobile industry, recalls occur, and along with recalls come thousands of calls. Our call center has 300+ highly trained and professional operators capable of handling the volume of calls that come in each day. Let us know the best way to make the calls and the best place to send messages, and we'll handle all the rest.

Customizable Protocols

Customizable Protocols

There is no longer a time when your dealership's call center collects and forwards messages to you. At Bulls BPO, we can look up callers to find out the reason for their call and respond to calls differently. For instance, If a potential client is on the phone, we can direct to a sales representative; we can set up an appointment.

ADF Integration

ADF Integration

If you are an auto dealer, your CRM may require Auto-lead Data format (ADF) to integrate and track all customer information properly. At Bulls BPO, we can send all your communications using ADF to ensure that your software is upgraded and working well. This means there's no need for double-work or struggle more.


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